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What does trademark registration really give you?

Seize real ownership
of your brand

After we register your sign as a trademark you become the legal owner of your brand. No one besides you can use your mark, if someone tries they will have to pay you a large sum of money.

Earn more
by becoming more trustworthy

Increase the brand's trustworthiness and recognition in the eyes of customers eyes thanks to the ® symbol.

Build your
brand's financial value

Once registered, your mark will become an asset, just like real property. And like real property, your trademark will only increase in value. Without a registered mark you sign or logo can not be valued.

3 easy steps to register a trademark

Free verification 2 minutes
Our easy-to-use, but advanced AI-system will check whether your mark can be registered. It’s more precise than the human brain. This is the moment of truth.
Get the results and make a decision 3 minutes
After you get the results, you need to decide about the territories in which your trademark will be protected. The only thing you have to do is confirm your data, which takes 4 minutes on average.
We register your trademark 6 months
Our lawyer will take care of the whole registration process. In the meantime you can wait comfortably and watch how your sign becomes a trademark.
John Mc’Calfe: “I love it. I spent 3 minutes on placing the order and later, I just watched how the lawyer was registering the trademark for me!”
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